Massage is Good Medicine

There are so many reasons to book your massage today. Massage can help reduce chronic and acute pain, reduce stress and anxiety and increase sports performance. Regular massages are important for your overall wellness and are an investment in your health! I love being a massage therapist and I am happy to talk to you about how massage can help you live the quality life you deserve. I am available for free consultations. 

"Carol is the best!  I have been a client of Carol's for a while. Due to my profession as a Portrait photographer my muscles and body take a beating. I visit Carol monthly to help relax me and get me back into tip top shape.  I am so pleased with my massages EVERYTIME!  Carol is the ONLY person who I will go to! I refer her name to my friends often. There is no one better!"   – Sue

"Based on the recommendation of my doctor to begin going to a massage therapist after over a year of being treated for chronic stress and anxiety, I found Carol. I have been going to her regularly for a couple of months and the results are amazing. I have since been able to get off two of my medications, sleeping soundly, not anxious and back to my normal self. I have had many massages over the years, and Carol is the best. The setting is perfect and she is truly a gifted individual. The only negative is after an hour, I need to leave her sanctuary. Carol is by far the best medicine and pampering you can give yourself. Give her a try! You deserve it and won't be disappointed."  – Michelle